Tuesday, July 10, 2012


all done!
my first go at Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, I did it all in knit as it's for garter and it's made the edging look VERY similar to the increase ridges in the body, which I like a lot for this project.
I am still unsure about whether or not I like it for other things.

so here it is, the Springling Shawl, in 399gms of BWM Luxury 10ply in Leaf
now to soak, block and hand it over!

Monday, July 9, 2012

since we last tuned in...

Lots of lovely Australian yarns in this post!
Bendigo Woollen Mills (even if the staff member on the phone was so rude to me I just about burst into tears and cried BUT I JUST WANT TO BUY YOUR YARN PLEASE DON'T MAKE IT THIS HARD down the phone at her), and some rare-as-hens-teeth Ixchel hand dyed baby shetland/angora 4 ply!

... the springling shawl continues to grow at a snail's pace. it is lovely, warm and comforting garter stitch, it's a good thing I like that (and the recipient!) or the time it takes would be a bit sad! it is so snuggly to have on my lap while I knit it and is perfect for knitting while watching tv, and I can't wait for E to wrap herself up in it (after I wash my plague off of it /overshare).
smooshy, squishy, warm and springy
then came my first ever proper commission, for the most delightfully cheerful young man who has just turned one! His mum found this clever (and super quick) Acorn hat pattern on a blog and asked if I could knit it up for him - how could I resist?

you might not be able to tell, but I sort of really like the BWM luxury yarn, it's SO versatile, and machine washable and lovely. the pattern asked for a super chunky, so I held the yarn doubled.

how stinkin' cute is E?

Amy's birthday was last month, and even though I haven't managed to see her yet (trip to Sydney, and now the plague) I knit up this cowl ready to give her on her birthday. I used Rowan Cocoon (more of the extra yarn from my Stockport - the project that keeps on giving!) and made a cowl with a mixture of cables. can only hope she likes it (because I do, and I'll keep it if she doesn't. that's a joke... probably)!

I also knit a special and super fun AVENGERS cowl for S-J for her big birthday and it has been showing up all the places and this makes me SO SO SO happy. If you want to make this knitter happy just wear the heck out of anything she makes you and you will be doing it right. I forgot to get permission to post photos of her wearing it, so just, use your imagination.

and most recently of all, a Calorimetry headscarf/headband/headcovering for S for her birthday! It's knit up in the Ixchel baby Shetland/angora 4ply hand dyed yarn (held doubled) and it looks great on her! and is perfect for keeping hair out of your eyes when launching rockets and being loved by your two adorable children!
Big thanks to whoozqueen (via her Flickr) for this lovely shot!
so that's all for now, next post should include the finished Springling Shawl. Wish me luck!