Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Sweater Knit Along

For a very long time I've been reading an absolutely beautiful blog Luv In The Mommyhood written by the amazing and talented Shannon.

It's always full of inspiring projects, gorgeous photography and fun things to think about, and do, and make. Including things like quilting, sewing, knitting, Starbucks addictions (a girl after my own heart or what?) and fun weekend wishes.

One of my favourite parts are the relatively new "knit alongs". The Summer Sweater Knit Along is happening right now and I thought I was going to miss out, but, armed with my 4.00mm needles and a big ol' bag of Malabrigo silky merino, I AM IN!

you can click that clicky-linky box to see all about it, the knit along ends Sept 30 so I am going with all guns blazing to finish by then.
I'll be knitting a Shift of Focus, and right now, it looks like this; a bit of a collar...
*crickets chirping* BUT! I only started it on Tuesday night, so it's not as dire as it seems. No really, I swear! And I have 8 hours of knitting on a plane in the next few days (I'm off to Perth for my godsons Naming Day), so it'll happen!

Striped Scarf

and it's all done!
I get a bit addicted to seeing how the stripes come out with these stripes, and this was no exception, 4.5 days of knitting and it was all over! I used Soak to wash it this time, and mymymy it's the softest Silk Garden has ever come out for me. So thanks Knit Camp '11 for the sample, I know what I'll be ordering next!
all done! stripey stripe stripes!
and I'm very happy about how happy the lovely recipient seems to be! And added bonus, we may get to do a bit of a craft tradesies later on when I have some sewing up to do!

scarf in the sunlight, lovely

Friday, September 7, 2012

Stripes are my knitting crack

stripes again, you say? why, YES! These stripes are for a dear friend who has been quite keen for a Noro Striped Scarf (ala Jared Flood) for quite a while. And since I am a pro at that particular scarf (I've knit it thrice already) I offered up my services. Let's be honest, any chance to get my hands on some Noro and I am in. All the way in.

these are the beautiful colours she picked out
the starting lines
it's always amazing to me how different Noro looks in the skein, compared to how it knits up. I mean, looking at the first photo, were you expecting an almost night sky colour scheme to be happening at the start of the scarf? Magic!

I really love knitting for other people, I don't really have room in my house for much more knitted stuff, but these hands need to keep busy and keeping other people warm and cosy is as good a reason to knit as any other that I can think of.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fattie Flattie Hexipuff Blanket

I love hexipuffs, I love the Beekeeper's Quilt pattern, I REALLY love the mind that makes all the Tiny Owl Knits patterns.

So basically this blanket is full of loves, and lots and lots of stitches. It is heavy, dense, soft, cashmere-y and basically delicious. Final size is around 1.1 x 1.1 m, I haven't blocked it or washed it, and I already sewed it together (REBEL!) but it was never going to happen if I did that.

So without any further delay, the fattie flattie hexipuff blanket!

all sewed up with nowhere to go
the basic idea for this blanket was that it would be the perfect size and weight for being either a floor play rug, a pram blanket, or a winter weight cot blanket. I don't think I'd use it as a cot blanket early on as it is *QUITE* heavy/weighty and I would worry about suffocating, but a bigger than 12month old would be fine. So if/when I ever have a baby of my own, we're all set blanket-wise! YAY! It's been put away in the cupboard until then :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

lots of things

finished Springling Shawl for E
finished the knitting and sewing up part of a blanket for me
still needs backing and machine stitching together (to hide the colourwork floats)
a birthday vest for a very special little wolfcub!
all the knitting is complete for the fattie flattie hexi-blanket
this photo is from a few days about, I only have 2 long seams to go!
and a half-linen stitch cowl for me using my first schoppel-wolle
 so that's what's been happening on my needles. Next projects will be a Spring-weight cardigan for me and more work on the beekeeper's quilt! HEXIPUFFS OF DOOOOOOM!