Wednesday, October 5, 2011

stuff I've finished in the month (MONTH!) since my last FO post

so it's been a bit of a busy time around these here parts, visits from out of towners, sickness, planning for my upcoming trip home/to Thailand, 1st birthday's and other things!

My favourite thing that I have finished in the last month or so (apart from individual hexipuffs of joy!) has to be the Orchids and Fairy Lights hat by Tiny Owl Knits (also the designer of the beekeepers quilt, coiincidence? I think not!)
how adorable is this hat?
I made mine non-slouch so removed one complete repeat of pattern
yarn: Cascade 220 in mustard
flat out awesome
it turns out that I LOVE NUPPS, especially in chunky monkey yarns!

 annnnddddd the long awaited END OF THE CLAPOTIS!!! CELEBRATION! 
there was much confetti throwing (imagined) cheering (real) and high fiving of self (sadly, also real) when this one came off the needles at Jules' house last week at our end of Kitman KAL dinner, and then Jane helped me dropped down the last million stitches and it was finished finished!! So thanks ladies :D

if I look pretty pleased with myself in this photo, it's because I AM!
also, rock on Harry Potter tshirt!
I had decided to finish this one off early (instead of 4 skeins of the Yummy I only ended up using about 2.2 skeins) because 
a) I was bored of knitting the stupid thing
c) I'd decided I now hated the colourway and would just give it away so it didn't have to be made to my ridiculous version of 'perfect length'
d) it was time to get a wriggle on to other projects

blocking Clapotis
it goes up and over and down to the floor again around my double bed 'blocking' mattress
but as it turns out, I know nothing about myself or knitting. It blocked out to be the perfect length (super long), it turned out to be wide enough to work as a wrap yet light enough to be the perfect scarf, and the colourway and pooling, I LOVE THEM. So, I'm sorry intended recipient, but I'm knitting you something else that is WAY less labour intensive and probably a bit more your style. (see also; Katie is LAZY)

and last but not least, knitting stuff for people who aren't even born yet! But, since I know their parents I am totally sure they are knit-worthy and guaranteed to be super cute with tiny feets and squishy bellies for tickling!
Saartje's for the Rush'n (A + L's bubby)
the child of a tiny girl and giant basketball player
i made these bigger than normal because, well, bubs might be huge
Sorry Aimes!
terrible photo of Lovebug boot for Fruiby (E + S's bubby)
I swear there are two, I just am terrible at photographing them together
also the stripes are blue and green but YOU CANT TELL
I should not be allowed to use cameras
 so that's it!

The Beekeepers Quilt update

a quick update on my growing quilt...

a sea of puffs!
First of all, people are so darn generous! Every person that I know who has done or is doing some kind of sock yarn blanket has experienced it and now I have the priviledge of experiencing it too, you lovely knitters are handing me your yarn leftovers without asking for anything in return and it is AMAZING!!

My quilt is going to be so full of love, and friendship and little hexagons of wonderful people, I CANNOT WAIT to snuggle under it and feel all cozy and wrapped up in all that loveliness!

At last count I had 59 puffs, there's a bit less than that in this photo, but you get the general idea

puffy goodness! 
I think, if I remember correctly, that I will need either 860 or 998 to make a quilt that covers the top of my bed (with no drop on any side) the 860 is if I don't have it cover the pillows at the head. This means I'm officially AT LEAST 5% complete (what a milestone moving the ticker on Ravelry was!) and at this rate I might have it ready for winter 2013. Not overly ambitious, but not slacking either!

Tell me, are any of you going the puff gang? I've enjoyed sending off the adorable mini-skeins for puffing to some gals and guys in the US and China and even here in Oz, so if you are puffing, let me know and maybe we can swap some minis? I am keeping to a certain palette so I'm looking to destash my non-matching yarns :D

Happy Puffing!!