Wednesday, March 28, 2012

all stripes all the time

and so it is finished!

so very cold, I wore it out with all the ends flapping around
unblocked, obviously

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the sum is not equal to all the parts..

... because I have given away lots of the parts (unselfish knitting is a bit silly really)

on the weekend I was laid up with a bit of death cold (I am already starting to feel quite a lot better, so 3-4 days of sickness = not a bad run) and so I decided to do some couch-based organising. I gathered all the knitwear from around the house and organised it. And photographed it. And highlighted for myself where all the gaps in my knitted garments are *sigh*

so here we go, for your Instagram loving, yarn pr0n-y, viewing pleasure:

From front, anticlockwise; ButtonyKing of Confidence, Rosamund's Cardigan, Stockport and Moch Cardi

From front, anticlockwise: Heartfail, An Unoriginal Hat, Vauxhall ParkHandspun Hat, Double Take Cowl/Hat, Hermione Hearts Ron, Ripley (with lace brim), Skeleton Key Slouchie Tam, orchids and fairy lights, Broken Rib Hat and Cabled Hat

From top left: plain garter square mitts, with Ripley lace edging, striped ribbed mittens, fingerless modified Bella's Mittens, bulky snow-proof Bella's Mittenswhere have all my mittens gone? this is tragic, I once had a dozen pairs

more tomorrow, tonight I shall carry on with the Stripe Study Shawl, I'm in the 11th contrast stripe!! (there's only 12 in the pattern!) however it is A LOT smaller than I would expect it to be based on the pattern diagnostics, however I will just knit until it's done as I don't mind what size it turns out.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stripe Study Shawl progress

It grows! Most of you (all of you?) follow me on the twitters so you will have seen progress shots already, but it is growing, I now have 6 CC stripes! WOOO! Numerically that is halfway through the stripes, in reality it is about 15% of the knitting, DAMN YOU STITCH MATH, so depressing.

frogged, switched up the CC and MC
now it looks like this, better no?

right now!
but I really enjoy this knit, so simple but keeps you interested because of watching the stitch counts etc and all the w&t bits.

Friday, March 2, 2012

I got stripes!

sorry Johnny Cash, I'm pretty sure you never meant for those lyrics to be used for a knitting project ;)

so last year I got a little tiny bit carried away with the shawl knitting (*cough* 14 *cough*) and so I thought this year I'd go easy, maybe knit one or two over the year so I didn't feel deprived.

I knit my first shawl in January in 5 days. Um, whoops?

It's Fay, you can't find the pattern because it was a freebie with a much delayed knit-a-long and so the designer hasn't published it.

I really love it and I think it shows the Araucania sugar cane yarn off beautifully, I had been holding onto these 2 skeins for a LONG time, mainly because every project I started with them just felt wrong, I don't know why. But when this pattern appeared in my inbox I just knew it would be an excellent match. I've still got about .6 of a skein leftover, some will be puffs, and some might be something else. But I would encourage anyone to try knitting something up with sugarcane yarn, it doesn't cut up my fingers like other plant based yarns and it blocked out beautifully!

the next shawl is serious stripes, the Stripe Study Shawl

I started it last night, but after a bit of a twitter meeting I will frog and switch up the MC and CC,

It will look like this when it is finished

mine currently looks like this

but I really think the colours would really work better if I switch their placement. So to the pond it goes, and I will begin again!