Monday, February 27, 2012

testing testing

new year, new look, inspired by a lot of 'cleaner' looking blog layouts that I've been loving lately.

hope it doesn't look bizarro on your screen!!


p.s. I wonder, are you reading Worsted For Wear? It's HILARIOUS! I demand you read it now *waits* there are so many reasons to love it, she's on Rav, she makes strips about her knitting group, about spinning, about being a knitter, about explaining knitting to muggles! I only stumbled across the brilliance yesterday and now I want everyone to know about it!

i seriously wish this didn't happen to me *quite* so often


  1. I love the new look! Super smooth! And what is that piece of glory over your shoulder??

    Hey, is your email still the same? I sent you a couple of messages but didn't hear back- totally no probs if you're just busy, I just wondered.

    Off to check out the strips! xx

    1. my email is stupid!! I've just done a search and replied to you!! Stupid overly effective spam filter (does it not like the word camp or something?)

      thanks Jules! It's a chevron scarf, the fibre was Bunny Glitz from Ixchelbunny and Sonia spun it up for me for my birthday!!

  2. Love the new look blog Katie! I'm looking forward to catching up with you soon :)

    1. thanks Sonia! Me too, one day soon I promise!!