Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The year in review, 2012.

The end of 2012 was a bit of a time-suck! Between my birthday, Christmas, New Year, a visit from my parents, baby birthdays, work amping up and deciding that my peeps would get handknit gifts this year, oh and sometimes I had to sleep - the blog has been a little bit ignored.

But never fear, there was still a heck of a lot of knitting going on. I weirdly felt like I hardly knit at all this year, and yet after a quick look on Ravelry, it turns out I knit 32 projects this year.

32 projects (including one as-yet-unfinished Beekeepers Quilt)
18 gifted to others
3 blankets
3 shawls
3 adult sized sweaters
3 toddler sized sweaters
6 hats
2 headbands
2 pair of mittens
2 scarves
4 cowls
2 pair of slippers
1 washcloth (why Katie, why?)
so very many puffs

There were only a few projects that I felt the fire of hate for, and overall I really enjoyed knitting this year. It turns out that knitting for other people is actually a really nice way to get me to knit outside of my comfort zone, and as a bonus you get to give people a warm woolly gift.

I've already cast on my first project for 2013, a jumper for a little lady turning one this year! Time keeps marching on, and so do my needles.

Happy New Year all! Wishing you untangled skeins and knot-free-Noro xo

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