Tuesday, March 29, 2011

so many finished objects, so little desire to blog about them

so i moved house, which meant moving the stash, which meant assessing the stash. UGH

It's not a huge stash by any means, I would say less than 100 different yarns, nothing more than a sweaters worth of each (ok, two things might have a blankets worth, but then it takes a blanket to go round me, so I'm sticking to a sweaters' worth quantities!) mostly between 1 and 4 skeins. But seriously I only ever used to collect books and dvds and now having this third collection to take into consideration is a bit overwhelming. but in a good way. does that make any sense?

so yes, now I'm way more aware of what i've got, i've also been inspired about what to make with a bunch of it, and also i took the opportunity to bag it all up in zip locks. so haha moths, nothing for you, move it along! so now it's doable, this stashbusting of 2011, this crazy plan, this money and space saving knitted-good-making plan is in the works. And to show for it, i have

startitis stashbusting sblanket on the bed

blanket all folded up

Damson being blocked

Damson, up close and personal

me, wearing Springtime Bandit in the springtime

Springtime blocking

made up broken rib hat

made up garter stitch stripey scarf
(because you don't need a pattern for the world's easiest scarf)

the actual colours of the stripey garter scarf
next post up, works in progress.
i really thought i always needed to buy more yarn to make me start a project, but this is just not the case, it's a bit of an eye opener to be honest. it's quite amazing what you can find even in as small a stash as mine. 

maybe you could shop your stash tonight? it's fun, and the yarn feels loved, and that's really what it's all about - mutual appreciation and the perfect pattern match x


  1. I love the idea of stash as your own personal yarn shop. Also gorgeous FO's you've really been churning them out like a one-woman knitting machine!

  2. It's quite fun really, this feeling of finishing things.
    I think I've been trying to be ready for winter this year! Now to do the Clapotis and a cardigan and I'll be all set :D although both of those will be WIPs for a while I think

  3. I'm trying really hard to shop my stash too. Good job!