Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the sum is not equal to all the parts..

... because I have given away lots of the parts (unselfish knitting is a bit silly really)

on the weekend I was laid up with a bit of death cold (I am already starting to feel quite a lot better, so 3-4 days of sickness = not a bad run) and so I decided to do some couch-based organising. I gathered all the knitwear from around the house and organised it. And photographed it. And highlighted for myself where all the gaps in my knitted garments are *sigh*

so here we go, for your Instagram loving, yarn pr0n-y, viewing pleasure:

From front, anticlockwise; ButtonyKing of Confidence, Rosamund's Cardigan, Stockport and Moch Cardi

From front, anticlockwise: Heartfail, An Unoriginal Hat, Vauxhall ParkHandspun Hat, Double Take Cowl/Hat, Hermione Hearts Ron, Ripley (with lace brim), Skeleton Key Slouchie Tam, orchids and fairy lights, Broken Rib Hat and Cabled Hat

From top left: plain garter square mitts, with Ripley lace edging, striped ribbed mittens, fingerless modified Bella's Mittens, bulky snow-proof Bella's Mittenswhere have all my mittens gone? this is tragic, I once had a dozen pairs

more tomorrow, tonight I shall carry on with the Stripe Study Shawl, I'm in the 11th contrast stripe!! (there's only 12 in the pattern!) however it is A LOT smaller than I would expect it to be based on the pattern diagnostics, however I will just knit until it's done as I don't mind what size it turns out.


  1. Replies
    1. lol but you can knit them tooooo!

  2. you have a LOT of hats. that is all :)
    (mind you, we BOTH have a lot of scarves and i have a lot of fingerless mitts and socks...)

    1. yup, a totally reasonable number of hats for a person with only 1 head to have, right? RIGHT?

      I used to have more mittens :( i have to stop leaving them on trams and trains!