Thursday, April 26, 2012

sometimes my hands are busy doing other things...

... and I have to set the knitting aside and get my craft on in a different way. Over the last week or so I've been cutting, sewing and sewing some more on the costumes for one of the elements of our Aquaporko Performance (this Sunday, April 29th, now at the new indoor venue of Kensington YMCA, Kensington Rd, Kensington. Starts at 1.30pm for a 2pm show, come on down!). It has all totally been worth it as we have a tutu for our principal porko, and mini wrist tutus for all of us in the porko!chorus.

I so wish I was the Principal Porko
Seeing Leonie so happy wearing this last night was the best thing ever, and a big thank you and shoutout to E and S-J for letting me use their home/sewing machine/couch and feeding me while I was putting it together, if you are a porko, thank S-J as well for her ruching on your hand tutus, excellent crafting all round!

But even with all this sewing, I admit that I have fit in a minute or two of knitting, including a lovely night spent at the new SnB held on Tuesday nights at Crafternoon Cafe, on Nicholson St. It's a cute-as-pie venue and the girl who runs the cafe (well woman, but she seems about my age, and I'm still a girl, right?) is adorable and makes DELICOUS foods, and let's me EAT BREAKFAST FOR DINNER. She's the best. So you should all go there, and take your kids, it's so kid friendly, with craft activities including play dough and plenty of glitter (as in, mess up the cafe and not your own home, profit). Note: they are closed on Wednesdays, don't go on a Wednesday.

So this is why the Effortless Cardigan isn't exactly flying of the needles, even with my EXTREME love for what the finished item will be, I really can't wait to wear it. I've *just* cast on the the 34 sts each side for the extended fronts, and the next two rows will get me up to separating the sleeves, GET EXITED! then starts miles of mindless stocking stitch, I can't wait. I have 6 seasons of Pacey's Pond to get through and I think this is just the project for that. Oh Joshua Jackson, how so dreamy?

yes, that is Pacey Witter wearing a knitted sweater
You're Welcome.
Stripes are my absolute favourite thing, I have 6 more projects queued up for the next few months and I cannot wait to knit them as well.

Also, one of my very most favourite babies was seen wearing one of my most favourite knits, that I put together for him in the days after he was born and I may have shed a few happy tears seeing him look so cute. WHY DO BABIES MAKE ALL THINGS BETTER? They just do. So does knitting, and when the two combine, I am powerless to resist.


  1. yay, yay and more yay!
    that is all
    no, wait it's not... SO wish i could see Porko on sunday! have an amazing time and be excellent!

    1. It was so amazing, and a bit overwhelming, FIFTY PEOPLE SHOWED UP!

  2. Sorry I can't make Sunday, someone will take iphone video right? I'll have to check out Crafternoon sometime, sounds like so much fun!

    1. not to worry Sonia, it was a great day, we were filmed for the doco but not sure if anyone grabbed any iphone video on the fly!

      Crafternoon is worth a visit!