Monday, May 7, 2012

puffing away again..

.. because I hit a wall with my effortless sweater when I remembered that I really don't like knitting stripes in the round. Boo. so instead i picked up a puff and knitted on it and thought i'd get back to the sweater in a minute. uhhhh, whoops?

It's now 3 days later (ignoring 3 days of vomit with no knitting time in between) and the sweater is still in its project bag, but now, I HAVE MORE NEW PUFFS!

in addition to those pictured in progress, I have finished another summery yellow, a pretty green/mauve/taupe tweedy one, a green one and an olive one. all stuffed. HOORAY FOR RETURNING PUFF MOJO!

This just proves that knitting is like anything else in my life, if I give it time I will find love for it again, but if I push myself too hard it starts to not be fun and I will actively sabotage my efforts to finish it.


  1. why do you dislike stripes in the round? I love them cos you can carry the yarn...
    but your puffs are lovely!

  2. I have mini skeins of green yarn for you! It's living in my knitting bag at the moment in the hope that the next time I see you I can throw them at you.