Friday, June 13, 2014


Since finishing the Beekeepers Quilt mid-May, I took about a week off from anything yarn related as the final push to finish the puffs had tuckered me out.

And then, a cold snap FINALLY hit Melbourne. It was time for hats.

Essie, Josie, Moose and I wandered up to my favourite yarn store, Woolarium (click for store info) and Essie got some yarn for hats for herself and Moose, and I grabbed some delicious kidsilk haze to add to a project.

The first two hats were pumped out so quickly, hooray for fat yarn on big needles! Both are in Rowan, Pure Wool Aran. Pompoms! (Arty's is too small and so will go on to wee little Harvey, and I'm reknitting his in a bigger size)

Next up, a hat for me (in Marta's Yarns, Retro), and a hat for Sara-Jane to match some mitts I knit her for Christmas last year. 

It's possible I might have a pompom problem.

Then I was on a roll and pumped out a hat for Harvey in Cashmerino Aran (his has a pompom too but I stupidly didn't get a completely finished photo), and a hat for Cheese with BWM Rustic 12ply!

Wee Scarlett's mum liked the look of the double pompom hat, so I made a cherry red one for her in BWM 10ply , and a cabled hat for Josie in Blue Sky Alpaca, Extra (Josie's needed a bit of a reworking (as hats often do), but it fits now and so that's all we'll say about that).

I've still got a couple of hats on the horizon for Anna, Katy, Arty's reknit, and who knows who else?

Right now I'm working on a colourwork cowl as a little break from hats, but as soon as that's finished, hat season is back on. I really love hats, they're so quick and easy, and they make people feel warm and cosy. Happy knitting!

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