Tuesday, October 5, 2010

fingers in pies...

so I've finished some stuff, and frogged some stuff (where's my prince dammit?!), and started some stuff! i'm completely stuffed just thinking about it

it's a busy time of a year for me because i'm getting the itchy fingers i get when i start getting nervous about summer approaching and killing my knitting mojo because OH MY GOD THE HEAT is not cool at all and makes me cranky, and cranky knitting is tight knitting

so i have ideas, I'm thinking fandom-centric blanket made from small squares knit one at a time (hot weather friendly), socks (of which my FIRST ever pair have been cast on and am a pitiful halfway through the first leg), and um maybe the Decimal cardigan (ok, that's a definite) and the swallowtail, oh and yeh, ALL THE CHRISTMAS KNITTING *sigh*

but i have also finished stuff like the version i worked up of some fingerless Bella's Mittens (woo! they worked, even if i was on the special bus and knit one on 4.5mm and one on 5.5mm needles, Jet (by Patons) is very forgiving and they are totally wearable).

also knitted up a quick hat for Tracey's new bubba Ryder John (and then promptly forgot to take a photo) in various blues, in the same blues, i have knitted up 4 squares for a swap and about to do 2 more for October

i forgot to do the photo taking thing of the hat, but i do have the cowl and the mittens (and my fun bunny ring from the Rose St Artisans Market outing with the Richmond SnB girls)
now when you look at it, imagine me saying hippity-hop and making my hand jump like a bunny...

... did you picture it? yes, I'm 3 years old.

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