Tuesday, December 28, 2010

whoops, time flies!

so it has been pointed out to me that i'm an absolutely atrocious blogger and that i should immediately get my act together and start blogging more frequently, but in the meantime a little catch up post!

i feel like i've been knitting heaps, but I don't seem to have all that many completed projects to show for it, but here's what i've done over the last 2 months or so...
1 head, 3 ways

left: santa hat! a pattern of my own making, using up stash white yarn held triple (yum, acrylics) and some luxury BWM Hibiscus
centre: Hermione Hearts Ron (pattern on Rav) in Morris Empire 8ply
right: Ripley by Ysolda Teague in Noro Silk Garden Chunky (a gift for a friend moving to Nepal for a year)

as I always love knitting for a theme, or a good cause, or you know, because it's a day ending in 'y', i thought it would be fun to do the Hermione Hearts Ron for the Harry Potter 7 pt 1 movie, although it was like 35 degrees that day so I wore it for like 5 minutes! but still, the thought was there. This hat has grown SIGNIFICANTLY, it went from fitting perfectly to now being like 4 inches too large around the band, thinking it needs either elastic or something like a frogging and knitting the band again on teeny needles

in a similar vein, the santa hat was for the SnB Melbourne Botanical Gardens Christmas Pic-knit, a lovely day in the sun (and coincidentally the same day I went to the HP7pt1 movie!) with great ladies, and a puppy!! look, i actually remembered to take my camera to a knitting function! woo! thanks to the delicious weather we've been having, I've been able to wear it quite a bit - last day of work, secret santa at SnB Richmond and Christmas Day! Have a little lookit at the 'tan day

i snuck in a quick cowl for Norovember, knit in the round and an eyelet row every 7 rows in stockinette
not sure that I like this one, might frog it or I might not because I'm lazy?

the Hap Blanket for Bekki and Serena, a wedding present. Another Ysolda knit, so quick and lovely, though I made it around 30% bigger than the pattern, turned out a perfect lap blanket side, or a nice portable floor rug for their little baby boy Mannix. Their house is all in neutrals with dark wood accents, so this turned out perfectly :)

so as I write this, I have 2 rows left on the front bands of my Dad's Avast sweater (Knitty pattern) and then I just need to wash, block and sew it up and add the zip (ha! so much still to do!) and i'm still plugging away on my Saroyan shawlette, I've stopped hating that again so that's a hip hip hooray moment, it's going to be quite nice and light so I need to get that finished as soon as I can so i can wear it, what with this delicious cool weather we've been having. as a summer-hater i'm like HURRAH! more coldness!

hope all your knitting is going better than mine, every project is taking forever *sigh*

hey Sonia, look I updated!! :)


  1. I'm so excited! I can read your blog again!

    I just have one tinnie tiny request… the tiny white type is hard to read, could you please change the colour to something darker? that's all. I'll shut-up now, I'm so happy you're blogging again, because you are funny and awesome.

  2. Ooh blog is looking pretty honey pie. You have knitted heaps since you last blogged! Agree with Sonia, be nice to us older peeps squinty is not a good look.

  3. i love the cowl - no frogging!
    and that blanket is something else. may need to commission one like it when i get knocked up. perfect for wrapping babbies in.
    essie x