Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baktus is done and dustus

a whole scarf in 7 days? doable apparently, LOVE THAT. Turns out the Norwegians know what they're on about when it comes to knitting (all those centuries of knitting history apparently wasn't a tipoff to me).

it's light, bright and spring-ish. an absolute dream to wear and has been quite popular around the office!

i've said it once and i'll say it again, i really am very sad that they are discontinuing the Silk Garden Lite because it's probably my favourite Noro (having not knit with Kochoran (sp?) yet, so that may change). i'm thinking about buying up all the Lite that i can find, but my bank account would SO not thank me for that i'm sure!

a photo of me wearing it for a change, i seriously have to stop photographing knitwear at my desk at work, it's THE WORST possible lighting in the world fluros everywhere and downlights and no windows woe is me, first world problems!

if you want to make one of your own, it's on Rav, and i am too lazy to link sure you'll find it there!

now back to working on my second hand of Bella's Mittens, the fingerless version that i'm winging my way through, note to self, if doing cabling without a cable needle, quit flinging your knitting around or you'll drop stitches (but it's ok, i can fix things now yay).

once the mitt is finished (maybe tonight?) I'll finish the rest of the 2nd September Swap Square that I started last night in the Blue Denim Luxury 10ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills that I just recieved for Dad's Avast jacket/cardigan. it knits up beautifully! (and i'm totally counting that as a swatch, it counts right?)

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