Monday, January 17, 2011

finished objects make me happy

so in 2011, I am determined to have no unloved projects sitting around.
here's my theory - if i started it, i must have wanted to finish it. so therefore, i should finish it.
simple right? wrong.
when it's 6 months later and you haven't even looked at it in weeks and the yarn is scratching your fingers and it's too hot to even look at a scarf it can be kind of hard to keep things on track

but haha! have people over for a knitting/bra day and much can be accomplished. i decided then and there that I would finish my much ignored Saroyan that night, but at 5am I accepted defeat and attempted to sleep
Sunday dawned WAY too early and I raced around doing a few things then got down to knitting the last 3 leaves and bind off. left the house for a 90's themed 30th birthday, came home and oh-so-lightly blocked this out
it is finally finished and i no longer have to hide my face in shame every time i see the bag it was living in as a WIP woohoo!

sadly as a result of all this not-sleeping, i'm now feeling ill, total cold/flu meltdown with sore throat, coughing, funny coloured skin and hot/cold flushes. so will be missing my fave night of the week, the Richmond SnB and instead crawling home to bed and kitty snuggles

in other FO news, though these have been finished for 2weeks and 1 week respectively, the Ripley for me and matching garter stitch mitts have finally been (badly) photographed!

so that's it on the actual knitting front (and omg, i STILL haven't sewn the zip to my dad's sweater and his b'day is in 5 days)
thanks to the lovely knitters for coming to my/Jen's Intimo party on saturday arvo. much knitting and boobtalk and cake eating was enjoyed and I thank you for bringing your monies and getting me free stuff! have a party, everyone love free stuff ;)


  1. It was an awesome day! Thanks for letting me impose on you for 8 hours :) We missed you tonight! Get Well Soon!!

  2. … you knit 'til 5am?! Wow that's determination.

  3. @Nicola no problem! Come for 9 hours next time!! :)
    thank you, i'm trying i promise!

    @Sonia not normally, but I was so determined to finish the darn thing!

  4. Thank you for the kind comment on my Travelling Woman shawl, the Saroyan also looks lovely :-)