Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my last post was only 16 days ago...

... and since then I've knit or finished knitting three hats and one shawl, and have designed (kinda), knit and dyed another shawl. I think I suddenly know why my back/shoulders/wrists/fingers have been aching!

 and  so, without further ado:
from this icky brown
to this deep teal (if not quite perfectly dyed, it's still better! IMHO)
Official Kittyville Hat, in two colours of Panda Woolbale 8ply
as requested, a kitty hat, for a delightful friend in the US of A
I believe these are her alma mata's team colours

Autumn in Garrison, knit for Elise (in random acrylic, IT NEVER ENDS)
(this is by the girl who designed my much loved Springtime Bandit)

Pleasance, the latest pattern from Victorian Writers Club
In Serenity Lace (Merino, Cashmere, Silk)

Star Crossed Slouchy Beret in Rowan Cocoon...
hi, i'm Katie, I love knitted hats and taking photos of myself
with no makeup on while in my pajamas in my poorly lit bathroom.

I expect there to be a massive dropoff in FOs as for one thing, I'm going to be knitting on a secret project for a few weeks and also I've just GOT ME AN IPHONE! so you know, I'll be obsessed with that for at least a few weeks, i mean hello, RAVELY WHILE I WALK AROUND? that is so awesome, why actually knit when you can look at other people's projects instead? LOVE.

Lately I've really been missing my Richmond SnB girls a lot and so I've really been trying to make an effort to get over to Kojo's fo r SnB and it's so lovely. I just love them to bits and the laughs and eats and company are just too good. love them! Plus, need to get in as much Nicola time as I can before she toddles back to England!

So happy knitting all xo


  1. Erm, WOW! I've been off work during that time and not done half as much! Have you found some extra hours in the day or something? Do you have a tardis? Tell!

  2. Try not to walk into the traffic while ravelrying on the go :)

  3. @Mel I think I've just admitted to myself that I enjoy knitting a little bit more than sleeping, so have swapped out one hour of sleep for an extra hour of knitting :)

    @Ursula, haven't even had the phone for 24hrs and already missed my stop on the bus! Definitely going to have to be careful in traffic hehe

  4. You are definitely the most prolific knitter I know- even the retired don't get as much done! Wow. And lovely shawl you've designed- smart girl!