Tuesday, July 26, 2011

someone needs to remind me to blog.

so despite earlier claims here that i would knit myself a Noro Stripey Scarf next year, I broke (again) the golden rule of no doubling up on patterns and knit one for myself. I blame the Gaptastic Cowl, it just wasn't right for the Noro Kureyon and so in the middle of a performance by the incomparable Ali McGregor at the Recital Centre, I cracked the shits and frogged the cowl and began the striping. Immediately the yarn was like OH THANK YOU! so I guess that's a sign.

It is so smooshy and yummy and warm (and sheddy, but we don't talk about that) and delicious that I can't believe I was going to wait a year to make one. I haven't washed/blocked it yet because a) it doesn't really seem to need it and b) i have the lazy, and it's too cold to easily dry something that fat and squishy.

so here it is, from this disaster:
moss stitch, not always a good decision
very, very sad and ugly project

grew up to become this! delicious (if slightly washed out photo would do it justice)
other than this scarf I've been working on that super secret project *waves at recipient* but that's nearly finished so i've also got a couple of other things on the go (what happened to me being a monogamous knitter?)

and also, another scarf is on the go, FINALLY knitting myself a Clapotis. but um, that's going to be a LOOOOOONNNGGGG term project as am using 400gms of Fibra Natura Yummy in Grilled Chillies

probably a good time to mention that I'm pretty much in love with the Instagram iPhone app and most of my WIP photos from here on out will be on that. Because, fun! Filters! 
This is from last night at knitnight, after getting home I kept knitting until I could drop a stitch THAT IS FUN, I might like this project a bit more now, it was getting a little bit boring for a bit there.

so if the Clapotis is my easy peasy on the train/bus/walking/talking knitting, then the Kitman KAL shawl I picked out, Frangipani (KAL is on the SnB Melbourne forum) is my DO NOT TALK TO ME WHILE I AM DOING THIS CRAZINESS IN KIDSILK HAZE. But my gosh it is so pretty and light and halo-ed and delicious. It looked like this (about 4 days ago)

I've done an additional 11 rows since this photo.
when you do it in the right yarn and correct gauge it looks more like this
but i thought this time I might try again with lace knitting that is actually lacy.

I also just had my Skein skeins arrive in the mail yesterday (HOOORAYYYY!) and they are so pretty and lovely, destined to be another Kitman shawl, the Cobble.

so that's it for me right now. Happy knitting xo

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