Friday, September 17, 2010

and the baktus goes on...

the baktus is back in my good books again after a successful reknit at the kensington SnB last night, yay! 
the noro is the colourway 2048 if anyone is interested, although i'm sad to know that the silk garden lite is a discontinued yarn, i'm loving using it, so pick so up now if it's your cup of tea too!

to fix what i wasn't loving about the project, i ripped it all back and then wound a fairly hefty amount of the purple section out first so there's not eleventy-hundred rows of purple in the first corner now and i'm knitting at a much tighter gauge magically this time (not sure what that's about?) so it's a denser fabric yay, didn't even have to change needles to fix what i didn't like about it

this is how it looks at the moment, i'm itching to get to the aqua bit!

i have two skeins, so i'll go until i run out and then i'll start decreasing, and try and remember not to keep increasing (no, i've never done that ever before *face palm*)

by the way, have i mentioned yet how very much i'm in love with my knit picks needles? they are sooooo pretty and lovely and the cables don't make me HATE them like my previous needles of choice the Birch circulars (metals) did. i love the pointy point on these interchangables, i love that i can change on the fly for casting off and i super love that they are multicoloured and plastic or acrylic and a little bendy so my hands don't hurt like they used to. get thee to your LYS and see if you can justify the cost of metals/wood/acrylic, TOTALLY worth it!

for some unknown reason my blog isn't showing up on my rav page so i doubt i'll have any visitors here, but it's still fun to write about knitting just for me !

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  1. i also love my knitpicks/pros -but you know that!
    it's looking pretty :) I can't wait for you to get to the aqua bit either!