Monday, September 20, 2010

Mara Mara quite contrary, how does your ruffle grow...

she's finished! after much frogging and umming and ahhing over what to do, the last bit of ribbon was pulled through on the train to work this morning and i'm in love.

squishy, soft, fluffy without being sheddy, drapey yet solid shaped, mmmmm so yummy.
my ode to pear tree, i've waited so long to knit with my much loved skeins (still have one left yippee!) and it was well worth it, i think i'll love this forever!

this is Mara, and she's mine! [Rav'd: here]

this grew quite a lot, which really surprised me since it's just stockinette and no lace or anything, I wish i'd measured it before i got it wet, but i'd say it grew at least 4" across the top even after it bounced back once it was dry. people told me the pear tree 4ply would felt badly, but i barely noticed any felting (except in one spot where i must have rubbed the joining thread spot too much, but eh) so if that's worried anyone enough to make them not knit with it, don't even think about it.

in other news, i finished my first square for the Over The Fence September Square Swap, 1 down, 1 to go. it's quite pretty and i even blocked it (will wonders never cease?!) turns  out if it's for someone else, then i care enough to block properly [Rav'd: here]

i used some pale/baby blue alpaca from my stash, and for the other square i'll use some of the Blue Denim Bendy Woollen Mills yarn that has arrived in the post for Dad's Avast sweater, so no purchasing yarn, yay!

just realised i've forgotten to take my Buttony cardigan out of the washing machine, so let's hope that my housemate of win takes pity on me and agrees to lay it out for me! why do i have to work? i could do far more fun yanry things if money just magically appeared in my account for nothing and i could knit all day. sounds good to me!

yesterday was lovely, the Botanical Gardens SnB was on and Jen and I met up (slightly late) with a whole bunch of knitters (which is where I finished the Mara!) and had yummy lunch and good catchups. i love that SnB because it's such a hodgepodge of women from around all the other SnB's, but I usually forget that it's even on because well, Sundays are for SLEEPING IN people, and even knitting can't put up much of a fight against the power of a lazy morning in bed.

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