Thursday, September 16, 2010

a day in the life

so it's probably not an auspicious start to the first post of my shiny new knitting specific blog if i've just totally frogged the baktus [Rav link: Baktus ] that i had started in noro silk garden lite, right? but off we go anyway, a new blogging adventure, and a blog that actually seems relevant to being linked to on, unlike my other blog that's full of fangirl woes and tv drama (not that i'll ever learn not to swoon over vampires and broody boys, or that cheerleaders having bitch fights will ever not entertain me).

so tonight at knitting, (at tonik in kensington) i'll attempt to cast on again, but really, it's noro, it's not cheap and i want to actually like what i'm knitting with it, and not just do it "because i said i would", who knows, maybe it's destined to be entrelac? 

also the mara [rav link: mara the second ] that i'm doing up in pear tree yarn in the turkey colourway is in it's second try at the ruffle, i had toooo many increases after doing two kfb rows, one before and after the 1x1 rib and the ruffle became ridiculous and was too short and i finished it and it was blah! so ripped that back to the rib and started it up again, so hopefully, it's nearly there now that i'm about 7 rows in again

oh, two things you might like to know
i'm an admin manager by day, so my pinkies just don't care about the Shift key enough to make capitalisation of letters for nouns and pronouns a part of our lives by night, sorry! however, CAPS ARE MY SHOUTY FRIENDS and can display happiness, extreme excitedness and dismay!

and number two, i frequently forget to post the pictures with my blog posts, i will try and get better with that!

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