Thursday, May 5, 2011

2011 is the year of the stripe

...or so it would seem by viewing my Rav notebook
so may stripey things have appeared without me even noticing, maybe it's got something to do with the 11 part of 2011 looking like stripes already? no? hmmmm

planning for Knit Camp 2011 is rolling along, it's all VERY exciting now with less than a month to go! Schedules are being decided and timing worked out, transport coordinated and food confirmed, I missed the last meeting but with so many great minds at work I hardly think i was missed :D i can't wait for some of the classes and the visits we'll be doing. knitting for 3 days straight in a beautiful house with lovely people sounds like the best way to shake off the mid year blues to me!

the scarf that will not end is growing, slooowwwwwly, I had hopes that it would be done tonight so I could gift it tomorrow on Nic's actual birthday but she will have to wait until Monday, somehow i think the Chandon and cute little compact mirror with vintage baby animals on it will tide her over until then

my plan is start and finish two more shawls before Knit Camp, i've bumped Narnia and Citron to the top of the list and can't wait to get started. i think Citron might be perfect for train knitting too, so bonus! wish me luck!

hope you're all enjoying this AMAZING cold weather we're having, snuggly into your handknits and enjoy the smells of woodsmoke and coffee floating on the freezing wind. I LOVE WINTER (and all of you)

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