Monday, May 2, 2011

kicked to the curb!

so last night i well and truly cracked the shits with [parts of] my stash

i have been so good of late, trading a lovely project with an acrylic project, forcing myself to knit through the trash in my stash from back in my "but i thought only Spotlight and Lincraft sell wool" phase at the start of my knitting life reboot, and it's been a bit depressing. so last night after staring down the barrel of at least 4 more weeks knitting a blanket from Magnum 8ply acrylic in a particularly insipid purple colour, i cracked.

i pulled out all the yarn bins and systematically went through and ditched every bit of yarn that is either horridious (thank you Wild Child for reminding me I love that made up word) or 100% acrylic or just fugly.
i then unravelled the 1/4 knitted blanket and balled that "yarn" back up and added it to the pile. there might have been a tiny bit of triumphant yelling as the yarns were chucked into bags.

so now those two garbage bags are off to the co-op bins down the road and i feel SO MUCH BETTER!

now I only have yarn that i at least LIKE enough to want to knit, and that i think is fair. also, makes it much easier to 'shop the stash' when it's not filled with trashy crappy much hated yarn.

so maybe it's not the most frugal decision, but so what, i don't need to be sensible all the time right? right! and i really can't be arsed selling it all on ebay so it's done. it also inspired a mad clearout of other things that aren't useful, like books i won't read and pantry stuff that's out of date. my house is now only full of useful things!

now on my needles is my official last project knitted from 100% acrylic yarn, and it's because the recipient picked the yarn, so it can't be helped. i think wanting it off my needles will help with a speedy knit!


  1. Oh I am inspired! But can I do that to my stash? I only have a bit of crap left in my stash; except 'a bit' is also a relative term to the size of ones stash ;)~ hmm…

  2. I think this was a brilliant move! If you hate it and can't stand the thought of knitting with it, get rid of it. I got rid of that hideous sock yarn I couldn't stand the site of and felt so much better for it. Now you can knit with the good stuff :)

  3. Sonia - glad to inspire, seriously try it, just pull stuff out into bags and let them sit for a few weeks before committing to donating to charity or destashing, that way, you've got time to reconsider/freak out at giving them away!

    Ursula - exactly! I don't know what I was trying to prove by keeping it all!

    Sharon - yay indeed!!