Tuesday, May 17, 2011


so I made what was requested, I knit with horrible yarn (and some quite nice yarn), I striped, I snipped, I cabled and this is what I got

Bastardised Bella's Scarf
I wove in eleventy million ends (I carried nothing! FOOL!) and I washed, blocked (actually a lot straighter than the photo would have you believe), trimmed ends and folded this up for gifting.
What did I get? "Thanks, that should probably match my hat I have at home" *tries quickly on around neck and then shoves scarf in bag*
I just about died. I know it's not about that, I know I hated both this yarn and the project, but THAT IS NOT THE POINT! I just felt a bit like, if you didn't care about getting it, why have you bugged me for over a year to knit you the damn thing? At least pretend to greatful, gush about my neat stitches for longer than 2.5 seconds. I need the praise dammit! I am a needy knitter.

Meanwhile I knitted up this gorgeous hat in Jo Sharp SilkRoad DK, and Essie loved it so I sent it straight to her, it washed the bad gifting away and was lovely! People like her can have whatever they want!
Grace Lace Beret
and I have knitted it again, for me! That's how nice a pattern it was!

I think maybe that's the trick, I have no problem giving knitted things away, it seems I really only get my knickers in a twist when it's been requested and then not appreciated. So yeh, steal from me, just don't ask for it? Totally sensible.


  1. Totally feeling your pain having experienced the same recently. Sending big yarny hugs x

  2. thanks lovely, it's a bit annoying and sad but oh well, at least I can now knit guilt free for me!