Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Block Party

over the last weekend, i was struck with a sudden and strong case of finishitis, I pulled out a bunch of never quite finished projects and finished them off.
mainly this came down to a bit of weaving in of ends (a bit, um over 100 strands sigh), some button sewing on and lots and lots and lots of blocking! yay for blocking!

first up was the eyelet cowl
a thing that I have not exactly been in love with, knit from Noro silk garden chunky
uh, it turns out i just needed to block the darn thing! now it's drapey and open and it doesn't crush my wind pipe when I double wrap it. SUCCESS!

hanging out in the lemon tree
next up is the Peacock Waltz, gigantamo shawl I've been wearing this one since i finished part 1 of the finishing (attaching the lace) but hadn't actually sewn in over half the ends or blocked out the lace edging. it was definitely time.
before blocking out the edging
during blocking, ignore the terrible pinning at the top, that bit wasn't wet so it didn't matter!

also, the Summer Flies shawl had a reblock as I might have spilt tomato sauce and pie all down it while watching footy and it needed a bit wash. that would only happen BECAUSE i was wearing a white ruffled shawl *sigh*
blocking, can you see the butterflies?
all done!

and lasty with the older projects, the Baktus i did in silk garden lite (in November!) finally had a block, it did not straighten out the edges as I had hoped, but it did seriously increase the length!

does anyone know what the red berries/fruit are?

I also finished and blocked my first Ishbel shawl, and made a hat and am almost finished another hat. but that's for another post.


  1. So many beautiful shawls! 'Summer flies' is stunning :)