Wednesday, August 3, 2011


another blog post, another shawl
addiction is just a word for something you do all the time and love right? right?

This one is another by the awesome Kitman, Frangipani over on Rav and I really think hers might be my favourite shawl patterns (and surprise, I already have another on the needles)

blocking, very unhappy with the super tight cast on

so floaty! all finished (hi stove!)

I had some difficulty with this one, the edge is meant to be a big lovely scallop-ish edge, but despite casting on with 5.5mm needles, the Kidsilk Haze + pattern combo has given me a WAY too tight cast on edge that wouldn't block out as required. This project was always sort of a fight of yarn vs needles vs pattern so I guess I should be happy that this is the only fallout! I also should note I did the medium but stopped at the small size lace ending position, this let me end at a full pattern repeat and it makes me happy.

I do like it as is, but I'm sad that it's not perfect. Does anyone know if I could cut off the cast on edge and then do a sewn cast off from the live stiches? Would that work?

Anyhow, it's done! And I've cast on Cobble and am up to row 4. I'm using Skeins Top Drawer Sock and LOVING it with the pattern, so hey, win some, lose some, I still get a shawl either way!

happy knitting x


  1. It looks lovely, I can certainly see the draw card of shawl :-)
    Not sure about cutting off the cast on edge but have you thought of using a lace cast on next time?
    I use the backward loop cast on as described here for all my knitting, except I hold the needle and yarn in the opposite hands to those shown in the schematics. You just need to be careful on your first "knitting" row not to pull the yarn of the cast on tight, so the yarn between two cast on stitches doesn't keep getting longer.

  2. Ohh thanks Leonie, I hadn't seen that cast on method before, will try that on my next shawl!