Thursday, August 25, 2011

look out 2011, I'm coming for you

This year I had some big plans, some have come through, some have fallen a bit by the wayside and some I don't even remember thinking about until I find a reference to them and sit and think back HARD about it. Mostly I'm talking about knitting goals here, 2011 is the year that shit got real in terms of knitting for me, speed picked up, confidence picked up and then skills picked up from a combination of the first two!

What I planned - 11 hats in 2011. I've done 8 so far

What I planned - 11 sweaters/cardigans/pullovers in 2011. So far I've knit ONE. Just one. and it's August, AND we're heading into summer. I don't even care. I WILL DO THIS. Let's ignore the Giftmas knitting I have to do, the baby knitting, and the 3 week holiday in the land of too hot to knit.

What I planned - 11 shawls in 2011. I DID 12!! exceeding expectations woooo!

to get started on the rest....

I cast on the Rosamund's Cardigan and I LOVE IT, it had a bit of a false start, the Rowan Cocoon (12ply/bulky) that I purchased specifically for it was a big giant fail for the pattern, I could not get a gauge even close to what the pattern wanted without making a completely icky dense fabric, no thank you!

I think the Cocoon will now live life as either Owls or Stockport. But I'll decide when it's time.

The other cardigans I plan to knit this year are Bianca's Jacket, Featherweight, some kind of wide striped open cardy with some coral and grey Amy Butler for Rowan yarn (I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STUFF) and something with a hood, and then about eleventy billion baby jumpers/tops/vests.
I think it's doable, IT IS I TELL YOU!


  1. Oh man, I love your big plans! I have little doubt you will achieve them :)

  2. I have a little bit of doubt, but lots and lots of hope!!

  3. I find your optimism charming :) I'm also half convinced you can even do it at the speed you've been churning things out so far this year!

  4. @Ursula hehee I'm sure I can! I don't think it's cheating if the sweaters are baby sized, that's still a garment right? totally doable!