Monday, August 8, 2011

the starting point of an epic project...

so last week I decided that what I really needed in my life was a super fiddly, multi-part year long project....
*cue tumbleweeds*

no, i didn't!

what I did do is see The Beekeepers Quilt pattern on Rav (by Tiny Owl Knits, I dare you to check her page and NOT queue at least one thing) and fall instantly, and madly in love

it's puffy, it's got no seaming, it's hexapuffs! It's going to be amazing.

It's knit out of a bajillion puffy (stuffed) hexagons in 4ply.

so dear readers, here's the part where I get on my knees and beg. I need small amounts of sock yarn, I'm looking to do mine is soft colours (so no brights, neons, primary colours) and am willing to trade you baked goods, money or services!

I think I'm going to get a few colours of full skeins to 'anchor' the blanket and then intersperse those with pops of other colours (plus that way I figure the puffy quilt of win will always match my decor) and hope it all melds together.

so if you (or anyone you know) has a pile of unwanted sock yarn bits and pieces, help! I'll give them a good home and you'll have a spot under the quilt any time you want!

thank you xox


  1. I'll see what I have in the stash ; )


  2. hi lovely
    i think all my sock weight bits are going to be too bright for you... but i will have a look. does it have to be sock or will any 4ply do? i might have some softer colours in non-sock 4ply.

  3. also - this is going to be the PRETTIEST!

  4. I might be able to help. Talk to me next time I see you. Or come over and watch HP.\!

  5. Thanks everyone! This is going to be so great!!