Monday, August 15, 2011

nearly there...

my second shawl in the Kitman KAL is coming to an end, rows are super speedy now, about 8 - 12 mins each (the cable rows are the 12 mins, the 8 min rows are the purely k/p rows)

sure, turn yourself around and be all stupid photo, that's totally fine
WIP, almost there! midnight last night

I love the way the colours are coming together, to join the second ball (which started out at the same dark place the first started at way back on the cast on edge (and then was never seen again in the skein) I did 2 x 2 row stripes for about 16 rows, I can't tell (except in one patch) where that is, so I'm calling it a successful blending!

a couple of closeups so far 

I don't really know what's going on and why it looks so green?
but you can see the cabley bits

I really love the centre spine, I think she incorporated the pattern decreases really well with this one

I sort of don't want to block this one, it's SO DAMN SQUISHY right now and I know I'll lose a fair bit of that in the blocking, but it needs the blocking to make the cables pop, grrr I want everything to be my way!

anyway, as soon as this is off the needles it's time for the Beekeeper to begin!!
Thank you all SO MUCH for the offers of 4 ply/sock yarn/fingering weight bits and pieces, you're all so generous I can barely believe it! THANK YOU! xo

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