Monday, May 14, 2012

Effortless update

so yesterday was the most delicious day of rainy, wintery, windy weather, and i spent it rugged up on my couch watching indie movies, catching up on a bit of masterchef and eating all the leftovers from the end of season Aquaporko party the night before. does it get any better? not likely!

anyhoo, all that sitting let me knock the stocking stitch part of the first sleeve out! my effortless cardigan is beginning to look like a garment, HOORAY!! i even tried it on last night, the sleeve is fitting perfectly (which, ok, is actually a little bit of a worry pre-blocking) and i love it.

inside out sleeve, so tidy!
i cast on 8 extra stitches under each arm so that i wouldn't get the super tight sausage arm that some garments give me and i'm SO glad i did that. if you ever knit this, PLEASE take a minute to check the sleeve dimension in the pattern. my bust size/arm size ratio was WAY off, by like 3".

if i'm lucky Carrie might take a photo of me wearing it tonight so i can do an update on that.

happy knitting.


  1. Looking good! My bust to arm ratio is off too, it's good to be aware of these things to avoid sadness and disappointment!

  2. definitely! it's funny though, i know i've knit less than 10 sweaters/cardigans, but they ALWAYS have different bust/arm ratios, i wish there was a more consistent style