Tuesday, May 29, 2012

help a girl out?

so i am 50% done with the Effortless Cardigan

which of course means that now i am getting itchy hands over which cardigan i should knit next.
the options are as follows:


all are 10 ply patterns and i am leaning toward the BWM Rustic yarn for whatever pattern is chosen, so help me pick! does one seem more suited to me than another? have you knit any of them and had good/terrible experiences? help! thank you!


  1. oooh. I think i like the rocky coast one. Will make a nice change from all the stockinette. Will you go 8 or 12ply in the rustic?

  2. Loooove the Rocky Coast. I love that whole book, actually.

  3. I agree- the rocky coast. It's a bit different to the other things I've seen you make and will be super cozy.


  4. the last one is definitely your style and what you tend to wear, but i really like the pattern on the rocky coast