Tuesday, May 15, 2012

left sleeve complete!

as of last night, the left sleeve is complete and i've picked up and knit about 6 rounds on the right sleeve. this sleeve will be much faster because:
a) i won't have to keep stopping to try it on and check the sizing/decreasing/length
b) i'm using the right length cable for magic loop - for some very stupid reason I was magic looping on a 40cm cable for most of the left sleeve (i just used the cable i'd been using as stitch holder for the sleeve when i divided from the body). this is a terrible idea, you can't get a good twist in the cable so constantly moving alllllll the stitches around the entire length of the needle is a big time waster and also, annoying! why i waited until the sleeve was 4/5ths done to change? i'll never know!
c) i am now knitting this sweater as part of the Ravelympics Team BokBok MF (LSG) training group, and it MUST be finished by the end of May!

how cosy does it look?
knitting in bed = one of life's truly lovely things


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! I really, really, really want to wear it already!
      how is your Folded coming along?