Friday, May 18, 2012

knitting for tiny people

i sort of really like this pattern, a pair takes about an hour
for me, one of the greatest things about being able to make things with your own two hands is that when you make them for someone else, a little piece of you goes into that gift and makes it extra special. this is not to say that things i buy as gifts aren't special too (because they are! money is special, i'm quite attached to it) but it's a bit more personal when i've literally put sweat into something (don't worry, I always wash and block hand knit items before gifting!) and picked it out and made it just especially for that person. plus, little people knits take less than a week (except for blankets pretty much) and they turn out so lovely!

made it from scratch! a molly weasley inspired knit, original design for an original little man

honestly though, even more than this, making things for babies is truly a special thing. a few friends of mine have been making some of the most wonderful and precious humans and i've been lucky enough to have my handknits be a part of their first winters! there is nothing more adorable than a cute baby in a handknit, it really can't be beat. from beanies to booties, cardigans to socks, mittens and soakers and onesies, there is nothing you can't knit for a little body to snuggle into! even toys and blankets and more! 

one of my most favourite knits and my first attempt at fabric dyeing! SKIRREL! ARTY!
i've found that you can put knitted stuff in anywhere you like, the key with baby stuff - using washable yarn. there is not one single, solitary, new or old parent out there who is thinking "gee, i wish i had more hand wash only, dry flat in shade, speshul snowflake knitwear for my poo-machine to wear", it is just not a thing. seriously, put down the stuff that felts if you look at it with a heated expression, DO NOT WANT! no one will be happy if bubs wears it once and then it gets washed and ruined. 

a very racist blanket and a monkey wearing people clothes
sometimes you knit things that don't quite turn out how you expect them to, but babies aren't really all that possessive of their stuff, so they don't mind if you give their stuff to someone it might suit better, the blanket above was originally for the older sister of my youngest godchild, but she went and grew up before I finished it (so inconsiderate) so instead it was gifted to him for his cot instead when it was finished. and that offset wraplan cardigan (with puffy appliqued ice cream cone) was made for Ryder, but his dad thought it was a bit too girly (we all thought he was going to be a girl, including the people who did the ultrasounds! whoops!) i don't think orange/coral is too girly, but he's the dad and he decides, so instead we passed it on to the next baby in their family, Ryder's cousin Lexi, who was born 11 months later! i really don't mind who wears it, i just like it best when my work is worn, loved and worn out!
 things go from quite cute to extremely cute with the addition of squishy babies!
the other great thing about knitting for babies and toddlers - they don't make difficult requests. as long as you use lovely soft, non-scratchy or overly fuzzy yarns, most babies are pretty happy to wear anything that keeps them warm. they don't worry about bust shaping, colours that don't suit their hair (they don't have any!) or not being this seasons latest trend. plus, as a big bonus, usually you get sent the greatest photos of them wearing their handknits!
knitted cotton washcloths are lovely and soft for sweet little faces

a special thank you to all the parents for letting me use their bubs for this post!


  1. Aww! You're an awesome Knitter for babies.

    I just gifted a baby cardigan to my hair dresser, and she really loved it. I can't wait until she sends me a pic of bub in it. (Gosh her belly was big!)

    1. thanks Sonia, I love how fast the little things knit up!

      yay! so glad she liked it! how long does she have to go? Can you fit another haircut in before she's due ;)