Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the cherry on top...

so apparently, i have started a trend because the, yes THE Yarn Harlot, is now going to knit a Damask with her Jacob fleece. read about it here

although i have to tell you, i think mine is the prettiest thing ever, so she better BRING IT with hers :) see, look!

hanging over the back of the couch, the OCD in me wishes it was more of a perfectly perfect pattern
but it's too pretty to fuss over!

this yarn, Araucania Solid is just darling, and i'm so excited that the ever lovely Sonia bought me a skein in the deepest of blues as a housewarming gift as well (yarn is totally for the house, my confused cousin understands nothing about yarny people).

it's squishy, it's light and airy and drapey and it's around my neck at work, which is nice, my colleagues have finally slipped over into accepting the knitterly things i love, i no longer get weird glances when i knit at lunchtime or wear shawls/sharves/cardigans all day and ask them to pet the fibres of what i'm knitting. they're a good bunch!

halfway through blocking, R is finished, L is getting there
A nice reminder that I need blocking wires for the top!
bit of up close and personal, i changed the nupps from N7 to N5 as i could not for the life of me
get all 7 sts back on to my needle for the nuppage

and on me, perhaps next time I could stand in an even LESS flattering way?


  1. It's soooo pretty! Maybe I'll have to give lace a proper go. You trendsetter, you.

  2. So this is what you get up to, when you're not knitting with us, a whole amazing shawl! It is sooo beautiful.

    My first mention in your blog {{blush}}, I'm glad you love the yarn.

  3. Thanks Ursula! I have to say this was probably the easiest lace I've done in a shawl (WAY more intuitive than the Swallowtail) and the edge is super pretty. Try it! I did the medium and it's 60" x 24" after blocking and springing back if that helps!

    Heehee Sonia, that's right! Thank you! it's so lovely, the colour is perfect, it's been sitting right on my bedside table since you gave it to me!

  4. holy crap woman! you are a knitting FIEND at the moment!

  5. Yes! Spreading the knitting word is important work, as soon as they realise what they too can create out of scrumptious fibre they will be hooked. Good job on all counts. X