Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Mock 'Moch Cardi'

so last weekend i started knitting a cardigan. No plan really other than, bottom up, a bit swingy, not tight anywhere and probably a round seamless yoke, but i'd figure that out when I needed to.

it turns out i like having a pattern to follow, i need more of a plan than that above. so now i'm making a bit of a hybrid of my original plan and the Moch Cardi by Gudrun Johnson. i'll continue with my turned hem on the body and the sleeves but use the yoke and shaping from the Moch. I think this'll work out. I'm using old school vintage Patons 'Tweedly' yarn, a yarn that has no yardage listed so it's interesting. Also has no recommended needle size and I can find exactly NOTHING about it on the internet, so I guessed at it's weight and went with a 4.5mm needle and I'm getting a nice fabric, so I'm going with it. using 4mm for the inside of the turned hem on the sleeves as well so they fit nicely inside.

managed to make it to Richmond SnB this week, gosh I miss those girls. so lovely, and always feels like home when you walk in! Got a fair bit of knitting done and showed off the latest FO (which STILL hasn't had all it's ends sewn it, sew what?) and had the first appropriate responses to a 79 x 34 " shawl knit completely in Linen Stitch, non knitters just do not appreciate the dedication heehe

trying to organise myself for Albert Park SnB this weekend, as well as a planning meeting/dinner for Knit Camp this Friday night, Kensington SnB tonight and gearing up for my housewarming (who decided it was a good idea to knit bunting?) knitting projects are a go. and yet, guess i thought it was a good idea to leave the house without any knitting today. FAIL. will go and use the last of my voucher at M&S this arvo on the way to SnB

seriously, how would i even have time for a boyfriend? i barely see my non-knitting friends as it is! think it's time to really cut back on the eating out at knit nights though, trying to save for a house of my own (dedicated knitting room anyone?) for next year and $50 here and there adds up. \

so that's it for now, pictures next time of the finished shawl, and maybe a WIP photo of the Cardi.


  1. LOVED seeing you on Monday night. I should make it to Sunday's meet, so seeing you twice in one week is pretty wonderful!

  2. thanks Sonia! I'm feeling pretty wonderful about it too!