Thursday, April 28, 2011

unselfish knitting is a little bit shit...

... so lately I've been on a bit of a selfish knitting spree, for years I knit for other people, for charity, for babies (oh, the babies!) and now I'm a bit like, no, my turn!

Yet after my housewarming a week or so ago was mostly over. there was a request to pull out the box o' knitted items and have a bit of show and tell. It basically turned into people picking their favourites and me clearing out some older and not-so-loved-by-me stuff! win-win I say! Of course I wasn't completley unselfish, I still held fast to my faves but still!

so Tatlie got the brown scarf with pocketmittens on the end, Natalie B grabbed the green moebius cowl, and a couple other things went too that i can't remember exactly (yes, I have too many lots of knitted things).
that's Tatlie enjoying a warm neck and a yummy cupcake
and on a similar note, way back last year when Tracey was preggers and we were SO SURE she was having a girl, I knitted her a cardy and matching hat for bub-to-be

Lola the Monkey not included

turns out that bub was very much a boy, a super cute boy at that, meet Ryder John! the only Essendon supported i can ever love...
perpetually surprised, seriously, he's always shocked by the camera

anyhow, it turns out he's not such a fan of being dressed up in 'girly' coral cardigans with stupid ice cream cones on the front so he's generously donating his cardy and hat to his brand new baby cousin Lexi. I love that Tracey wanted to give it to her sister (who apparently has been asking about it!), yay for people who appreciate handknits and actually WANT THEM TO BE WORN! I don not understand putting away handknits for special occasions, if it's cold, it's special enough, they grow too fast for special occasions! So yay, that'll be winging it's way to SA tomorrow and finally getting some use, and Trace did say she wants it back when she has a girl, so it should get plenty of love, yay!

my very bestest friend Aga has been requesting (semi-patiently) a pair of mary-jane style slippers for a present for quite a while now, and when she was here in Melbourne back in January we took a bit of a mini-yarn-tour (WoolBaa, Clegs, M&S, Onabee, Dairing) and she bought some boring Freedom super chunky 100% wool in grey, handed it to me and asked for slippers. We also got her started on her own knitting project that she brought along to SnB in Richmond and she has now finished that and gifted it to her dad, it's a circle of giving.  I'm now half way through the first slipper and NEARLY OUT OF THAT YARN, again, I have no luck with yarn sometimes, and this isn't even for me so I'm pouting about having to go to Clegs, when you are on a yarn diet, buying yarn for OTHER people is super un-fun. but never mind, they are knitting up VERY quickly and so squishy it's unbelievable. Although I'm still not sure how the pattern writer got 4.5 sts to 2 inches. i'm close enough. But, pattern writers, please help a girl out, don't just say what yarn to use, give an estimated yardage, it's seriously helpful.

i love when hand knits get used and appreciated. whether it's something that took 80 hours or a 1/2 hour, everything is made with love and effort and it's nice to see it loved in return.

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  1. hear hear! Whenever i feel like everything i'm knitting is for other people i have to remember that i LOVE that warm glowy feeling when it gets worn and loved :)