Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I know you wish you were as good a photographer as i am....

... but alas, underexposed, shadowy, vaguely blurry photos are really just my expertise. You'll all have to stick to focussed, light filled lovely photographs :/

'tis finished! all knitted and ends sewn in and slightly-too-big-in-the-neck cropped Mock Moch Cardi is finito!

photo shoots in the work bathroom are super edgy don't you think? also super quick so that the entire office doesn't think you're a big weirdo who takes photos in the bathroom (i am) oh well!


  1. I just love how you are looking with great concentration at the screen on the back of the camera and not at your reflection!
    Lovely work and Woohoo for finished objects :-)

  2. heh I'm such a useless self portrait taker! yay for finishing!!

  3. That was so quick! Really like the yoke :)

  4. It looks lovely and the neckline is really flattering.