Wednesday, April 20, 2011


doing another shawl, i just love them, something about the way the triangle appears out of nothing, so satisfying
this one is expecially pretty and is probably the most complicated shawl i've ever tackled (17 pages of pattern anyone?) but it is done VERY clearly line by line and with charts so yay I haven't hit any snags (yet)

i had put it on the backburner for a little while as I finished the Mock Moch Cardi and now I'm back into it, picking up from halfway through a row last night at Tatlie's house where Kellie, Tatlie and I sat knitting and watching terrible shows on Foxtel until 1am, WHOOPS, knitters rock hard on the weeknights

i'm really going to try hard - between now and Knit Camp (June 3rd) - to make shawls with as many different construciton techniques as possible. a) to find the one I like the best and b) to just see how they work!

it's being worked up in this delicious cherry red colour, semi-solid (although quite heavily on the solid side) 4ply and I want to eat it!!

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